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Headband for Baby Lucy

My mom got Lucy this adorable little headband at Naartjie recently and I think it’s just the perfect little thing for her little head! I thought it would be fun to make her another similar one (or maybe one for every outfit 😉 ), so I made this purple and white one out of some leftover fabric from a shirt I made myself and some ric rac my mom gave me!

It was super duper easy to make…I just cut 2 rectangle of the fabric…a big rectangle (11×5 inches) and then another rectangle half the height but the same width (11×2.5 inches). Then I folded both right side to right side, and sewed down the non- folded side with a 1/4 seam allowance (with the littler one, I first folded the ends in toward the wrong side a quarter inch). Turn those right side out to make two tubes…one with folded in ends and one with raw ends. Then I put a 7 inch piece of 3/4 inch wide elastic through the littler tube, sewed some ric-rac on the bigger tube and shoved the ends of the bigger tube into the littler tube (with elastic in it) and sewed to secure…voila! 15 minutes later, I had a cute little headband to match this cute little dress that my aunt gave her (by the way the dress in the first picture was made by my mom and the pretty little blanket she’s sitting on was made by my sister-in-law!). I think I’ll go make 100 more! Ha ha.

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