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Kid’s Clothing Week Day 1 and 2

This week is Kid’s Clothing Week!

I’m not getting as much accomplished as I had originally set out to, but I did make this little pinafore and the ruffliest little panties ever for Lucy. This little pinafore pattern is something my mom and sister came up with years ago and it’s such a great pattern! It’s just one piece and it ties in the back and around the neck. It can be worn as a summer top by itself or over a dress. Lucy has several of these that my mom made and she wears them a lot cause they’re easy to get on/off and they’re comfy too!




This outfit ended up a little bigger than I had intended, but at the rate she’s been growing, maybe that’s a good thing! Here’s a picture of her wearing one of the little pinafore’s my mom made. It’s a little less ruffley and fits her better, but it’s the same general pattern…also has a cute pocket!



One thought on “Kid’s Clothing Week Day 1 and 2

  1. Cute…I love all of the ruffles! I’m not going to sew as much as I had planned for KCW either, but I have loved focusing on the kids this week while sitting at my sewing machine!

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