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Bubble Pocket Pants

I have been so close so many times to buying the E&E Bubble Pocket Shorts Pattern, but Lucy just has enough summer clothes, so I have been holding back. Monday I caved…they are just too cute and I couldn’t go one more second!! But, being the sensible girl I am, I decided to make a pair for a friend to try out the pattern. Surprisingly, they went together so easily, so I decided I would make Lucy some Bubble Pocket pants for Fall/Winter cause I’m such a “plan in advance” kinda girl (ha). So, I made these corduroy Bubble Pocket pants…

Obviously, I made them too big, using another size 12-18 month pants as a guide for length, but now I’m super excited about fall/winter clothes. Perhaps I’ll get a head start on the boys’ Fall/Winter clothes as well! Yay for me for not procrastinating on that and YAY for the Bubble Pocket Shorts Pattern!


2 thoughts on “Bubble Pocket Pants

  1. Wow Shelly! I love all the stuff you are making and the blog in general looks great. Really awesome…way to go!

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