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Bustle Shirt, Unisex Shorts, and Robots!

So, I have been wanting to make The Olive Shirt Pattern by Violette Field Threads for Lucy, and I finally got around to it!



I also made some seersucker shorts/capris to go with it. I set out to make the shorts baggy and long (she has another pair like that and I like the fit/comfort factor), but it seems like all the shorts patterns I have yield tighter shorts when made in Lucy’s size (I guess in a roundabout way, Im saying my daughter is a plumper!). So, I decided I would make the MADE Kid’s Shorts in Henry’s size and share them. Brilliant!



And let’s talk about this robot shirt! My mom made this for Henry (and a similar one for Sam) using a store-bought black t-shirt and McCalls 6545 appliqué pattern…so adorable. The pattern also includes a dog, a dinosaur, a pig, and a frog


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