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Tinny Flip Dress

I’m totally hooked on the Flip This Pattern Sew-Along!

Flip This Pattern

I love watching what the challengers come up with and what the sew-along-ers make also! I also love participating and trying to make a cool twist to a pattern. This month the flip pattern was The Tinny by Straightgrain. I collaborated with my sister, who’s an amazing artist, to design a dress for my niece (her daughter). She came up with the idea to make a school-girl dress with a reversible pinafore to go over it. Here’s a picture of my beautiful niece (and her tattoos…temporary. Of course šŸ˜‰ ) modeling her new dress (I think she could have a future in modeling)

She’s 10 (but little for her age), so I did have to up-size the pattern some. I also made a half-circle skirt, cause i didn’t think the fullness of a full circle would be appropriate in this case. The Pinafore is also a half-circle with the straps cross-crossing in back. I used a lot of piping (which I’m totally a obsessed with!). Here are some pictures I took of the dress before I mailed it off…



And another close-up of the model…



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