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Tinny Flip #2

Once I start flipping, I can’t stop!

Flip This Pattern
After my first flip, I still wanted to make a Tinny for Lucy, and i wanted it to be a dress she can wear once it gets cooler out. I’m a huge fan of overalls on kids, so I got the idea to make Lucy a Tinny overalls dress. But, this presented a dilemma…my favorite feature of the Tinny dress is the collar and all the collar options. I thought “I can’t make a Tinny without the collar, but overalls don’t usually have collars!”, so I came up with the idea to separate the Tinny from her collar and attach the collar to a onesie worn under the overalls. Furthermore, I decided to make 2 of the collars so I can mix and match…my mom had the idea to use snaps to snap the collar to the onesie instead of sewing it, so the collar could be switched out! The dress is completely reversible, and has snaps going down the front which function on either side, so essentially this Tinny can be worn 4 different ways. Plus, more collars can easily be made in different fabrics and switched out!

Option 1 – Navy side with Red Butterfly Collar Option:


Option 2 – Patterned side with Navy Peter Pan Collar Option:

Option 3 – Patterened side with Red Butterfly Collar Option:

After Option 3, Lucy was getting a little tired of switching things, so I didn’t get a picture of the Navy side with the Navy Peter Pan Collar option.
In the back, I sliced off the top of the back bodice pattern piece and put criss-cross straps instead (like overalls).

Standing up…

Here are some pictures of the collars and how I attached them to the onesie…



Pics of the Front and Back, fully reversible…

I am so excited about this dress, can’t you tell?! 🙂


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