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Renaissance Fair Costumes

My mom is AWESOME at sewing…most of the time when I get the “That’s so cute, did you make that!?” comment, my kids are wearing something my mom made. So, I thought I’d show off something pretty spectacular that she has been working on for awhile.

Every year, my parents take my nieces and nephew to the Renaissance Fair and my mom makes them elaborate costumes (let’s just say that some of the vivid imaginations in our family get a kick out of this type of thing…yeah we’re all freaks! Ha ha!). We’re not invited, I think because we live out of state, but I guess it could be because no one likes us ;-). This year, they wanted to be noblemen/women and an elf (bottom picture). My mom used Simplicity 4059 as a pattern for my nephew’s handsome nobleman costume and McCalls M6376 for my niece’s noblewoman dress. Anyways, here are the best pictures of my nieces and nephew in the costumes my mom made and they look adorable!




One thought on “Renaissance Fair Costumes

  1. Hey Shelly…I just announced that you won my Sally dress giveaway. I’m not seeing an email address to contact you…wanna email me and I’ll send the pattern your way. It’s dandeliondrift (at) gmail (dot) com

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