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Swedish Fish Flip

For the past couple months, I have been sewing along with the Flip This Pattern Sew-along and since Project Run and Play is going on right now, I decided to combine the two. The theme this week for Project Run and Play is Candy Inspired. My favorite candy is most definitely Swedish Fish. I always have Swedish Fish handy in my car and every time I go to Target, I buy more…you see Target is one of the only places that still sells the multi-colored kind. Most stores have switched to all reds, but I have to have the multi-colored ones!

20130919-105756.jpg This is a picture of the all red ones…what can I say, sometimes I’m desperate and I don’t have time to stop at Target!

So, I made a Swedish Fish inspired hoodie sweatshirt dress for Lucy. I made it red, cause it’s the most popular color of Swedish Fish. I used the Recess Raglan Pattern from the Pattern Anthology Collection (one of this month’s Flip patterns). I added a hood and lengthened the Tee pattern/belled it out to make it a dress. I added “fish fins” at the sides and on the hood using Elsie Marley’s Knot Shorts Tutorial. The sweatshirt is fully lined for warmth this winter. I also put 3 fishy buttons on the placket and a fish appliqué on the rear! Here’s my little fishy wearing her new fish hoodie dress…







Flip This Pattern


18 thoughts on “Swedish Fish Flip

    1. Thank you! I have to just tell you, though, that I think your twizzler dress is the winner! I Love love love it…and so so clever with the theme! I was kicking myself for not thinking of it!

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