Project Run and Play Week 3 – Plaid

This week’s theme for Project Run and Play was Mad for Plaid…and, just in time, here’s my little plaid boy…



I have been wanting to make my boys plaid pants ever since I bought Sam a pair of the Mini Boden Brushed Tartan Cargos. I bought this fabric on sale at Hancock’s awhile ago for that purpose, so PR&P gave me a kick in the butt to make my plaid cargos for Henry. I used the Parsley Pants Pattern to start, then added a hidden pocket in one leg with an ankle cargo pocket and a cargo pocket in the standard place on the other leg. I also added welted zipper pockets to the front and back.





For the vest, I used the wonderful Flip Vest Pattern by Made with some black and white flannel cut on the bias. I put yellow fleece on the inside and grey ribbing around the arms.




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