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Signature Style – Comfy, Colorful, and a Bit Crazy

My mom has been in town all week visiting and she has been staying up late with me, helping me sew! So, for my (our) signature style for Lucy, we thought it should be comfortable and colorful and I like to be a little crazy with our clothing! So, we started with the Farbenmix Hannel Shirt Pattern and some birdy knit fabric from Joann’s and made Lucy a sweatshirt. The hood is lined in some purple knit with purple rib knit and purple strings at the bottom.


We made purple leggings to match (using the GoTo Leggings Pattern) and a white fur Flip Vest with rounded edges and no ribbing, lined with some purple knit.


Here’s our girl in her new outfit. We also made a butterfly hair clip from wool felt.






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