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Project Sewn Era Challenge

This week’s challenge for Project Sewn was to create a look inspired by an era in modern history. Ok, let me be honest here…I’m not a history expert…in fact, I’m kinda not so knowledgable when it comes to history. My degree is in math, and I got by without a single history class! So, this week I was unsure about what to do, but here goes! When I think about historical clothing, my mind pictures an empire waist maxi dress. When I googled “empire waist”, I got this picture from Wikepedia, and it was exactly what I had in mind!


So, I made an empire waist maxi dress based on this dress. I wanted my dress to be way more casual, so i can get lots of wear out of it, so I used some soft orange knit fabric from Joann’s and the Running With Scissors Maxi Sheet Dress Pattern (love this pattern!). The modifications I made to the pattern were…I sized down to account for the knit fabric, and I made the bodice into one front and one back piece with no cross in front (I think that’s obvious :-)). I also made a long belt that ties in the front from the same fabric. So, here I am in my dress inspired by a dress worn in 1811! If this were the “make the most comfortable dress ever” challenge, this one would for sure be a winner!






11 thoughts on “Project Sewn Era Challenge

  1. That’s funny! My minor was in history and I got by without having to take math classes (took logic and reasoning classes instead…bleck!) Anyway, love the dress…I have one similar cut out and waiting to be sewn up!-liZ

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