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Bold Print

This was the graphic print week on Project Sewn, so I went to Girl Charlee (since i wear mostly knit…and denim. ha ha, I’m not the queen of fashion obviously) and picked the boldest tribal print jersey knit I could find. I usually stick to wearing solids, maybe stripes, so this is way out there for me. I used the Lady Skater Dress Pattern, but instead of a circle-ish skirt, I used a gathered rectangle skirt. This is barely worth mentioning, but I also sewed around a yard of some turquoise knit together at the selvage and made an infinity scarf to coordinate. I’m not sure, but I think it might look better without the scarf?! Here I am in all my boldness…






21 thoughts on “Bold Print

  1. nice job… I’ve been thinking about getting that pattern. I love making my girls skater dresses. πŸ™‚
    ps. I love the scarf!

    1. Ha ha…I always miss things when I’m looking at stuff! I get too antsy to look at the pictures! I love your copycat Jess dress! You really look like her! I’ve had several different people tell me I look like her, but I think you look a lot more like her than I do! I feel good when people tell me I look like her, though.

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