Flip and Signature Look

Ok, I’m running low on time and I am so sick of thinking about this outfit. I think it would be an understatement to say that this has caused me a lot of frustration! And, it didn’t turn out as great as I had envisioned, so sorry if you’re underwhelmed! So, let me explain…the Flip Patterrn this month was the Sunki, which is a girl’s pattern that goes up to a size 8/9, but I really think it would make a good adult pattern. With the side panels the way they are, I thought it would be a chance to colorblock or pattern mix to create a slimming effect for me. But in trying to up-size this, everything went wrong! But, without further ado, here’s what I ended up with…




I don’t think my slimming effect worked. And, I had to ditch the pockets cause they were really saggy and bulky looking…not a good look. Anyways, I guess this fits with my signature look for Project Sewn, given that I like to wear hoodie/cowl neck sweatshirts that are long-ish with leggings! So there you go! I’m going to go eat dinner and sleep now!

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7 thoughts on “Flip and Signature Look

  1. Shelly…. YOU. ARE. SO. BRAVE!!! Impressive trying to draft a children’s pattern to an adult size!! **And, fyi: we just read that the Sunki sizes are about to be extended to a child’s 14/16 size. That would be less to draft to an adult size….tempting, huh??

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