Sweatshirt Dress

I need to come up with catchier titles for my posts, I think!! I know, “Sweatshirt Dress” doesn’t sound exciting, but I’m super excited about the Lola Dress Pattern by Victory Patterns. I’m not so thrilled with the end result of my first try, but I’m excited to try again, cause I just think it’s such a cute/clever/different pattern! I made a few mistakes and there are a couple things I think I’ll change the next time I make it. Luckily, it is super duper easy to make.

My first (and biggest) mistake, was I folded the fabric selvage to selvage like normal and cut away. I didn’t notice until I started sewing that the sweatshirt fleece I used is stretchy in the wrong direction! So, while this looks like it fits ok, it’s really uncomfortable, because the stretch goes up/down instead of side to side…not smart, shelly! Not sure if all fleece is like that, cause I don’t sew with fleece much! Also, my seam lines in the front don’t quite match up, which is super annoying, but given my first mistake, I decided not to fix it! Also, the neck is really saggy looking…maybe I need to cut the neck piece a little shorter next time or make an adjustment to the pattern to fit me better. Overall, though, I think this is a really cute pattern, and I really like the fit! Plus, it seems like such a practical, comfy (if it has stretch in the proper direction) little dress for me! I am so so excited to try again with this one!!





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