November Flip

Flip This Pattern

For November’s Flip This Pattern Series at FrancesSuzanne, the pattern to flip was The Hangout Hoodie Pattern from Peekaboo Pattern Shop. I decided I wanted to make a sweatshirt blazer for Henry…since the holidays are coming up and my mom is making the kids fancy outfits, I thought it would be nice to have a fancier looking jacket for Henry to wear for fancy, but was also comfortable and practical and could also be worn with jeans. I also wanted it to have a hood to keep his head warm. This was great in concept, but I’m not really happy with my execution. I plan to try and fix a few things, but sine the deadline for The Flip sew-along is tonight, I thought I’d go ahead and photograph/post it. Obviously, I used the Hangout Hoodie Pattern with a few modifications…I didn’t cut the front piece on the fold and I extended it by a couple inches on the inside. I also added the collar, but all the other pieces I used as is. I’m really excited about this pattern in its true form, though. I’m eager to make the true version (which I probably should have done before I flipped it…oh well). Here are the pictures of my Flip…




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