Holiday Outfits for the Kids

This year my mom made my kids the most wonderful fancy Holiday outfits and I have to share them cause they just turned out so cute!


For the boys, she made The Oliver and S Art Museum Vest and Trousers Pattern. She used wool houndstooth fabric for the pants and red corduroy with a plaid flannel lining for the vests. She made a size 3 for Henry and a 7 for Sam, which is the size each of them wear comfortably, but both pants and vests are a bit snugger than I would think those sizes should be…even though they do look cute.


For miss Lucy, she made a bubble dress using The Geranium Dress Pattern and some shiny fancy plaid fabric. To do the bubble hem, she just cut a lining piece for the skirt that was a bit shorter than the outer skirt piece, then sewed a casing between the outer and lining fabric at the bottom, inserted some elastic and turned right side out, gathered, and sewed the skirt to the bodice like normal.

She also made the boys bow ties using the same fabric as Lucy’s dress! We’re all about the matching around here!

Here are some more pictures! Thanks Mom!







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