Lucy’s Winter Coat

Wow, it has been so long since I’ve posted anything…just been so busy around here, I haven’t sewn much and the things I have sewn, I haven’t had time to blog. But, I want to get back into the swing of things, and since Lucy needed a winter coat, I thought I’d start there. I have seen several jackets recently that were lined with Sherpa, so I decided I wanted to make just something simple (with no gathering or anything like that) and line it with Sherpa. I used the Burdastyle Quilted Baby Coat Pattern, but I didn’t quilt it (obviously) and I didn’t put any batting in. I used a pair of men’s brown corduroy pants that I got at the thrift store for the outer fabric and Sherpa from Joann’s for the inner layer. It was seeming a little too boyish, so I added some gathered pockets with bias tape and a little owl appliqué and some bias tape on the sleeve. This coat was so simple to make, which surprised me…I thought a coat would be a super difficult thing to make! I really love the simplicity of this pattern! I did make a mistake when I was almost all done with the coat…I was ripping open the first buttonhole and I sliced through it and through another inch…arghhhh! So, I did a tight zig-zag over that rip, but it’s definitely noticeable! Oh well, I still think it looks cute on her!


To complete the look (ha) I also made her a Bimaa Cowl Neck Sweater and some Lily Ruffler Pants.

For the Bimaa, I used a knit from Joann’s. I really like how hue cowl peeks out of the coat and looks like a scarf… It’s perfect for winter! Such a great pattern. For the pants, I used some baby corduroy from Hobby Lobby. I must say, this Lily Ruffler Pants Pattern is one of my new faves! They fit Lucy so nice and I just love them! This is the first pants pattern that I’ve found (other than leggings) that really fits her and looks cute! I did leave off the second ruffle. I made another pair of these pants in knit and they are so cute too! Have I mentioned that I love this pattern?! Ha ha.




This is also my “Winter Wonderland” look for this week of Project Run and Play


15 thoughts on “Lucy’s Winter Coat

  1. This is so cute and I love the owl applique! A trick to keep from slicing your buttonholes open is to put a pin perpendicular at the end of the buttonhole. It will act as a stop for your ripper – it’s saved me many a time!

    1. Thanks so much! I bought the owl at Hobby Lobby! I was very pleased with it, cause I was having a hard time finding something cute to spice up the coat a little and I’m not a make my own appliqué kinda girl!

    1. Thanks! This was my first time using the Bimaa pattern! I have been eyeing it for awhile, but telling myself I don’t need it! Now I know I needed it all along ;-). I wish it came in bigger girl sizes too…it would look so cute on my nieces!

    1. Thank you so much! I didn’t have any trouble with the Sherpa, but the coat was such a simple pattern (and I got lucky) that I didn’t have any seams to rip out! I’m thankful for that! Ha ha.

  2. I love the shirt (I have got to try this pattern..I have it, but just haven’t gotten around to using it yet !),and the coat looks so cozy and warm.

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