Shorts in Freezing Weather

I’ve been in the mood to get ahead on summer sewing lately, and one of my favorite summer things for my boys are the striped shorts from Mini Boden, but they’re a bit on the pricey side for me (although they’re worth the money cause they’re awesome!). I was at the thrift store this week and found lots of nice, thick feeling, striped knit shirts, so I decided to make some shorts for summer. I’ve got one pair completed, but I’m sure there will be a bunch more! I made the Coastal Craze Baggies Pattern by Peekaboo Pattern Shop in size 8. I used the hem of the t-shirt, but still cut them to the size 8 pattern, so they’re a little longer than the pattern is intended…which I like. I’m super happy with how they turned out, except the strings are a bit long (VERY easy fix) and I’m not sure the elephant appliqué is appropriate, but Sam saw it in my stash of stuff and insisted it go on his shorts! Who can argue with that?! Here are the pictures (yes I made him stand outside for about a minute in the freezing cold with shorts on and no shoes while I took a quick picture…total torture!)






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