Cat in the Hat

The theme this week for Project Run and Play is “Let’s Go To the Movies”. One of my kids’ favorite movies (and books) is The Cat in the Hat.


So, I decided to make a Cat in the Hat inspired outfit for Sam and Thing 1 and Thing 2 inspired shirts for Henry and Lucy


For Sam (AKA Cat in the Hat), I made some black and white striped cargo pants using some black and white striped handmade cotton that my mom bought in China (she actually got to see the people making it…how cool is that?!). I made the Oliver and S Field Trip Cargo Pants Pattern in a size 7 (but I did end up cutting off some length). I also made Sam a hoodie using the Recess Raglan Pattern in size 7 and adding a big red and white striped hood, which I pieced together using red knit and white knit. The sleeves ended up a bit too short, but if I can pry it off of him tonight (he has been loving being The Cat in the Hat!), I can easily put a thicker cuff on the sleeve.


I am particularly proud of these pants, cause they took a long time, and I really think he’ll get a lot of wear out of them!


For Henry (Thing 1), I made a red knit Recess Raglan with a Turquoise hood. I wanted to make something he could wear a lot and not get laughed at, so I decided to put a kangaroo pocket on instead of a “Thing 1” sign.



And for little Lucy (Thing 2), I made yet another Recess Raglan with a hood, but this time I made it into a cardigan and I used a little knit dress of hers that I really like as a pattern to make it swing out on the sides. Her hood ended up way too big, but she’s still cute!


Here’s a few more pictures of my Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and 2. I really had fun with this this week and I think we ended up with some cute pieces even if we don’t all dress like Cat in the Hat everyday! Ha ha







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