Kids’ Clothes Week 1st Half

I’ve been working on some outfits for the kids this week that I’m super excited about, but I want to wait until it’s all done to photograph all together, so this was just a quick little side project I threw together quickly plus something my mom made too! But first, a little side story…

Several months ago, my parents went on vacation to Italy with my aunt and uncle. Since my mom and aunt like to shop (for kids clothing, amongst other things), they apparently shopped in some children’s boutique stores, where they found pants of this nature…


Obviously, my aunt bought this particular pair for her granddaughter, but they were generally very impressed with the style. My mom inquired at one store and the owner said that’s how they made their girl pants.

So, I have had it in my head to make a pair of pants like this (with the closure going to the side like these) and I finally got around to a first attempt! I used the Lily Ruffler Pattern as a starting point because I love the shape of them and the fit, but I made these flat front with the side closure detail. I have to say, I’m not completely happy with these. Because I made them flat front, I had to make the elastic tighter in back, so they don’t fit as nice as the pattern usually does. Plus, I think these turned out kinda boring and I’m underwhelmed by the detail I was trying to recreate in these. Oh well…they are practical, and they’ll match lots of things she has!


My mom has been busy too! She made Lucy this little red jacket using red flannel with white polka dots and the Oliver and S Sunday Brunch Jacket Pattern. This actually looks cuter with a dress, since it turned out a bit on the short side, but I like it with this too, and since it’s flannel, it keeps her warm on a chilly (but not totally freezing) day!





Ha ha, she totally looks like a lion here! ROAR!!



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