Project Run and Play Audition

Last week was the final week of Project Run and Play, but at the end they announced that they were having auditions for a designer spot next time (next month!). Of course I wanted to audition, and I thought it would be fun to come up with a whole new look for my audition. So, I decided to make up my own “theme” and pretend I was a designer! So glamorous! Ha ha!

The theme I chose was “Mystery Bargain Lot Look” and my challenge was to come up with a whole look using mostly fabrics from the 1/4 yard mystery bargain lot I recently ordered from Girl Charlee! Let me just say, that was the most fun package to receive (and for only 19 bucks!). There were so many awesome pieces of fabric in there! But, a whole outfit with random 1/4 yard pieces…that was a challenge indeed!



So, I made 4 pieces and got a comfy little knit play outfit with a retro vibe that will transition into spring/summer. I put my all into this outfit and even tried some new techniques!

1st up is the Jacket…I used 2 approximately 1/4 yard pieces of ponte knit from the bargain lot for the outer plus a couple scraps leftover from other projects for the lining (I even had to line the sleeves with a different fabric than the body of the jacket cause I was really trying to use up some scraps I have lying around!). The pattern I used was the Double Breasted Coat Pattern by Dear My Kids. I made a few modifications. It was a challenge to cut this whole thing from two quarter yard pieces, so I had to color block it and I saved some fabric by making it single breasted with rounded edges. I also shortened it quite a bit and made a slight hi-low hem. I made the size 12 months even though Lucy typically wears a size 18 months these days and it’s plenty big…the sleeves are even too long!




Next, I made some knit bubble shorts using the beautiful (and popular) leafy jersey fabric from the bargain lot and a piece from my scrap stash for the lining (don’t want to waste anything good on the lining!). I used The Bubble Shorts Pattern by DoGuincho. I constructed them differently since I was using knit fabric and I was worried Lucy’s chubby little legs would stretch my stitching right out of the legs. So, I cut the lining the same width as the outer fabric and put elastic casings with elastic fed through each leg after I sewed the leg outer to its lining. I also took a little of the width out of the sides because I was afraid if they were too poofy, it might be too much for her stumpy legs!



The third thing I made (and my favorite!) was a Recess Raglan t-shirt with a lion appliqué.


For this tee, I used a cream colored knit from my Girl Charlee bargain lot for the main part and a rust colored knit from the bargain lot for the arm, neck, and hem bands. I used scraps of knit for the appliqué and I embroidered (1st time ever!) the eyes, nose and mouth. For the hair, I cut little pieces of yellow, brown, gold, orange, and red embroidery thread and sewed it into the seam between the lion’s face and mane piece.

Here’s a close-up of my amateur embroidery skills.


And last (definitely least time-consuming too!) is the little blue moccasins. I used a little piece of suede from Hobby lobby for the sole and blue vinyl from JoAnn’s for the upper. The pattern is the Lil’ Papoose Moccasins Pattern by Peekaboo Pattern Shop. This was my first time making shoes! OMG, I made SHOES!! How cool! And, these were super simple!



Yeah, yeah, that string on her leg bugs me too! Ha ha!

BTW, Lucy’s hat is so darling…my mom found it at a little store in Aspen last Fall! I wish I made it, cause I’d make 100 more for everyone I know if I could! So, that’s it! I think I covered everything. I am in love with this outfit! I would love a spot in PR&P, but with all the insanely talented other people out there, it’s unlikely that I’ll get the 1 spot! This was super fun, though…perhaps I’ll order another 1/4 yard mystery bargain lot from Girl Charlee and do to again sometime!

And some more pictures…






The boys found this huge icy puddle and they were pretending to make soup, collecting grass, snow, and sticks to put into their “soup”…and yeah, Lucy got in on the action too! Needless to say, when we got home and cleaned/dried, Lucy was down to this…



That’s a pretty cute look too! And, it was surprisingly pretty warm out this afternoon!

Have a GRRR-eat day!




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