Sam’s Creation


Sam loves doing projects…our whole kitchen table is constantly covered with art supplies, construction paper clipping, and creations/inventions, also known as paper towel rolls covered with duct tape with clothes pins sticking out or a box with pipe cleaners coming out and a paper plate sticking out the side with poms and straws glued to it! Ha…he has quite the imagination! So, the other day while Henry was at school (he goes a couple hours longer 1 day a week) and Lucy was napping, I told Sam we could do a special project together…one that we are normally too busy to get out…I gave him choices of painting or pottery or putting together/painting a little wooden car, but he really really had his mind set on helping me sew something! So, I asked him what he wanted to sew and he had his mind made up that he wanted a blue hooded short sleeve shirt with a car on it. Oh, and the car should have a pocket in it! He’s such a funny kid!


I thought it would be fun for him to transform one of his daddy’s old white t-shirts into a shirt for himself…he was super excited about that and I figured if he cut something out wrong or if something went wrong we wouldn’t be out anything. I also thought it would be easier to not have to hem anything. So, got out some blue dye and he dyed the t-shirt blue. He was so excited. We let the shirt sit in the dye for a couple hours and he kept wanting to go stir it and he was so excited when we got the shirt out of the dye!

So the next day (after washing/drying the shirt), during naptime, we set out to cut out the pieces. I thought it would be easier for him to understand what we were doing if he traced around one of his t-shirts instead of using a pattern. He did such a great job of tracing around his shirt and then cutting (although I helped him a lot with the cutting cause he was having a hard time with my big scissors). After we cut all the pieces, I asked him to design the car for the front. We were having a bit of a hard time with that cause the pictures he was drawing were too small for a pocket (which he adamantly wanted), so we went and looked at pictures online and he very quickly found a picture he liked, which we printed and modified some for his liking! He wanted the car red, and he picked the fabrics for the details and the zipper. He helped me cut all the pieces out and we went about sewing. He got bored with the sewing, so I finished it. He was SO stinkin’ proud of his shirt when it was finally finished!!! I definitely want to do this with him again, but I learned that he’s ultra interested in the dying and the design and not so much the sewing of the garment, so next time I’ll just buy white t-shirts and let him design the appliqué/details for the shirt!

Such a handsome boy!



2 thoughts on “Sam’s Creation

  1. Oh wow, this is the best!! I have made a few shirts “to order” for my son, and it’s always a blast. OF COURSE the car needs a pocket on it. I mean, DUUUUUH, mama!

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