Burdastyle #145


It’s kinda seeming like I favor Lucy these days! Ha ha…I assure you, I love the boys just as much…just have been sewing more (or actually finishing more) for Lucy. She’s so little and cute, which makes her easier and cheaper to sew for. When I was browsing Burdastyle, I ran across The Girl’s Breezy Tunic 05/2012 #145 Pattern and I just thought it was adorable and I had to have it! I debated a little, cause it starts in size 98 (US 3), and Lucy is only in size 18 months/2 sometimes. But, I figured if I made it and it was too big, she could grow into it. So, I did.


I decided to try and make it a bit smaller by not adding a seam allowance on some of the edges (I added seam allowance where the yoke meets the skirt part and at the neck, but not on the sides of the yoke or skirt. It’s still a bit big, but it’s a summer top, so hopefully it’ll fit her this summer! I really like the style of this top, so yay for BurdaStyle!

My mom made these little tiered jeans…seriously adorable!






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