Clothes For Me

I need some summer dresses, so when I saw McCall’s 6744, and for $1, I thought I’d give it a try. I also picked up McCall’s 6844 for $1 and wanted to try it since it was the best pattern for 2013 according to patternreview.com. I used a rayon maxi skirt that I found at the thrift store for the dress, and some really soft fleece for the cardigan. I like the dress in concept, but I had a hard time cutting this fabric for some reason, and I messed up and had to cut the bodice a lot shorter than it was supposed to be…and narrower too. The neckline also looks horrible, despite my efforts to make it look good. I really like how comfortable this cardigan is in the fleece, but I would like to try this in a thinner knit…I feel like it would be more fashionable!

The look on my face here is a little weird, but it was the only picture I ended up with that showed the front of the jacket.








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