Sweatshirt and Cowl


A couple months ago, I bought and made the Perri Pullover Pattern for Lucy in a size 2…she’s getting close to fitting into a size 2, but she’s still more of an 18-24 months kinda girl. Anyways, i was disappointed that the Perri Pullover I made was HUGE…not just a little oversized (cause I know it’s supposed to be a bit big), but it was down to her ankles and the neck hole was huge too. It was a better fit on my 3 year old (who is a boy, and wasn’t so thrilled to be trying on a pink sweatshirt dress), but I still thought the neck looked weird and oversized. In my mind, I wondered just how big the size 10 was if the 2 was so big. Recently, I noticed the same pattern is sold in an adult size and, since this pattern is just so darn cute, I was considering buying the adult pattern…but, I wanted to “test” the biggest size of the kid pattern, to see what it was like first. So, I made it, and, even though I don’t have a 10 year old to model it, it seemed much closer to what I would expect. Yeah, it fits me, but it’s supposed to be much looser and longer than it is on me! Now I’m eager to try the adult version!


So, this morning I was talking to my mom about it, and I asked her what she thought I should do to spice this up a bit (it seems a little boring as just a plain blue sweatshirt). I was thinking of adding a pocket or appliqué, but my mom suggested just adding a scarf…brilliant! Plus, I had been eyeing The Free Katniss Cowl Pattern by See Kate Sew. Since I couldn’t wait to go to the thrift store to find a good sweater to make this, I dug through my bin of old clothes and found a black sweater that I never wore. But, I had to modify the pattern some because my sweater wasn’t very big and was sleeveless (I know, weird for a sweater). I love this…not something I would normally wear, but it feels fashionable to me 🙂



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