Yet another outfit for Lucy

I think Lucy’s spring wardrobe is complete! Ha ha, I’ll probably continue to make her things, though, cause it’s too fun! His month’s pattern for the Flip This Pattern Series is The Beachy Boatneck by Blank Slate Patterns. A T-shirt flip is right up my alley! I am definitely preferring sewing with knits these days! I had lots of ideas for a flip, but first I wanted to make the shirt mostly as-is to check and see how it fit. I am submitting this as a flip, because I did make a few changes, but I’m planning another flip also. I also couldn’t help but try the Free Small Fry Skinny Jeans Pattern in Size 2T, since I’ve seen so many cute Small Fry Skinny Jeans lately. Plus, I made a few accessories to go with the outfit…gotta have accessories, right?!


So first the shirt…
The changes I made were:
1) I cut the pattern apart and color-blocked the front and back as well as the sleeves
2) I added a small pocket
3) I changed the hem-line to be slightly high-low.




And the jeans. I used a pair of old Capri pants of mine from college (LONG time ago) for the fabric, and I pretty much made the pattern as-is. I did shorten these by just cutting some off at the end, which in hindsight was a bad idea, because it made the pants not as “skinny” at the ankle as I would have liked!




And, accessories…

I also made some little black Natty Jane shoes and a black and white striped knit pilot cap using the Sweet Pea Pilot Cap Free Pattern. I took the hat off when we came inside, and most of the pictures were taken inside. Here’s a few more that capture the hat and shoes.




Flip This Pattern



12 thoughts on “Yet another outfit for Lucy

  1. YES! This is definitely a flip…..and I’m so excited you’ll be doing another one before the month is over!! I love the stripes….and enjoy seeing some upcycling pop up in your outfit.

  2. Oh my goodness. So much awesome here. I love it all, especially with the little cap!! Slay me with cute! Pinning this. I need to make the skinny jeans for my little girl!

  3. Great outfit and lovely flip! I love the shirt – those stripes!… And I love the small fry skinny jeans – I was one of the lucky pattern testers and I love everything about them, they just look store bought.

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