Mini-Boden Knock Off Shorts


For several years, I have bought (and loved) the striped Jersey Baggies from Mini-Boden. They have been a staple in my boys’ wardrobes and they are just adorable. So, my mom recently made some similar shorts for each of the boys to supplement my addiction to Mini-Boden striped shorts!


She used the Coastal Craze Baggies Pattern and some striped Ponte from Hancock’s.

She also made a cute little matching racer-back dress for Lucy using the Farbenmix Whitney Pattern. She made the size 2, and it’s a little big, especially in the neck. But, it’s still adorable and she has some room to grow this summer!









2 thoughts on “Mini-Boden Knock Off Shorts

  1. These are excellent! Given the choice, my little guy Joe would LIVE in something like this. I should really sew him more knit shorts, since he likes them so much more than the woven pants I’m usually making him. Also, the little dress is SO CUTE. As are your kiddos.

    1. Thanks so much Inder! My boys have been demanding sweats lately! I hope it’s a phase, cause I love little boys in jeans and other non-knit pants! They just look so handsome!

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