Project Run and Play starts next week, and I was too excited, so I worked ahead (yeah, yeah I’m a geek). I figured I’d share this early, cause I took the pictures and they were on my computer mocking me ;-).

The theme for week 1 is “Put Me to the Zoo” and so you’re supposed to make something inspired by an animal. I chose to be inspired by bumblebees. Though they aren’t a zoo animal, they are technically an animal, and I have been loving black/grey and yellow lately! So here’s the outfit I made…



For the skirt, I used The Hopscotch Skirt Pattern by Oliver and S. I made the size 2, so it’s a bit big, but i wanted it for summer and I figure she’ll grow some between now and then! Such a cute pattern! I just love the pockets! I used yellow linen from a thrifted pair of pants, so it looks a bit wrinkly even though I ironed the heck out of it!


For the shirt, I used The Oliver and S Swingset Tunic Pattern and some cotton from a thrifted men’s button down shirt. I made the size 2 again and again it has room to grow! I used yellow thread for the top-stitching, but I didn’t use top-stitching thread, so it’s a bit hard to see unless you look close!



And the back…



I also made the hair clip, following this awesome tutorial from Purlbee! I love love love this and it was SO EASY!


A few more pics of the model…








22 thoughts on “Bumblebee

  1. Oh wow. Some of my favorite colors in the universe for little girls – blue and yellow – and some of my fave patterns, and your sewing is just impeccable! I love love love this outfit! Pinning this – hope you don’t mind!

  2. I like how you were inspired by a bumblebee and didn’t do black and yellow stripes. The skirt is adorable! I love the little flower buttons on the top!

    1. Thank you! Ha ha! I actually felt like this was stretching it for bumblebee, and I was looking for black and white stripes, but I fell in love with this fabric at he thrift store!

  3. Awww, love the pockets and the buttons on the back! I think I’m going to have to get that pattern! Your post reminds me I forgot to include any pictures of the big pink button on the back of Annie’s flamingo dress in our submission!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so honored…it’s like a celebrity wrote me a comment ;-). Your outfit is truly one of the most amazing I’ve ever seen! I signed up to follow your blog!

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