Beachy Sunsuit!

We are leaving to go on vacation to the beach in 3 days!!! Woohoo! We are so stinking excited! And, how perfect that this week’s theme of Project Run and Play is “Spring Break”!!! When I think Beachy for a baby, I think of a sun suit with a sun hat, so I decided to make Lucy a little white sun suit romper and a bonnet. I am so into bonnets for Lucy lately! They are so practical because they shield her precious skin from the sun and they tie around her neck, so she actually keeps them on! She has a red one I made last summer that still fits her that she wears all the time, but I really wanted her to have one in a bigger size for this summer that is all white so it will match everything!!


Sadly, these pictures would have turned out “beachier” if I could have waited til next week to take them 😉

Anyways, for the sun suit, I used the <a href="http://www.etsy.com/listing/99018120/boys-romper-sewing-printed-pattern-run?ref=shop_home_active_14&quot; Run Around Romper Pattern by Cottage Mama, but I flipped it. Actually, I had this pattern in mind because it is the May Flip This Pattern pattern. So look at that! I’m a whole month ahead! So, the changes I made to the pattern were:

1) cut it 1 inch shorter than the shorts line on the pattern and put elastic about a half inch from the bottom to create a little ruffle

2) cut the front straight across right under where the pattern little straps start.

3) put bias tape at the top and around arm holes to finish the edges and create ties to tie it on each shoulder. Also put elastic through the bias tape at the top edge.

4) embroidered a little sun on the bottom of the front.




For the bonnet, I use the Peekaboo Bonnet by Made by Rae. This is such a great pattern, my friends! It uses so little fabric and he way it’s constructed and the awesome directions lead to such a nice finished product! Love love love this pattern! And, I think it goes up several more sizes than Lucy’s, so she has a few more years of bonnet wearing 😉


Since we like going out for walks on the beach in the evening when the sun isn’t so harsh on the kids’ skins or in the morning, I also made her a little sweater to throw on over.




For the sweater, I used a thrifted men’s sweater and the Heidi and Finn Comfy Yoga Hoodie Pattern. I bought several patterns from them…they have some cute stuff over there! I had to restrain myself to keep it to a few!

So, that’s it! Can’t wait to go to the beach!!!





8 thoughts on “Beachy Sunsuit!

  1. So super cute! I got your comment about the Matinee Dress testing – I’m actually considering doing sort of a “round one” and “round two” testing setup, so that would work really well with your schedule. Please go sign up in the form so I can get all your information.

    1. Oh, I would Love Love Love to test this pattern! I could totally get it done right away when I get back…then I could submit it for my Project Run and Play signature style (if that’s ok of course!)! I love the dress design…that open back with the strap is super adorable!

  2. Yea Shelly……I don’t know when we’ve been a month ahead!! KUDOS to you!! The white embroidered romper looks like the perfect beach-going attire for your little one. I hope you enjoy your time away….

  3. You sew like a champ, Shelly… The romper and the bonnet are just too cute! And she looks adorable on them!! I am a sucker for swiss dot and piping so I am totally in love… and I love (love) the embroidery!

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