Batiked Skater Dress

This week’s theme is “Design Your Own Fabric”. I decided the fabric I wished I had more of was polka dot knit, so I started with some white cotton interlock knit from Walmart (which was only $1.50 a yard!) and decided to batik it with Elmer’s Glue… something I’ve been interested to try for awhile, mostly because my kids appreciate a good craft project.

DALTHAGE-LT - P1020420

I used The Skater Dress Pattern and I painted circles on the white knit with glue, using my son’s little circle ruler he has for a stencil. After the glue dried, I dyed the pieces red (but I didn’t leave them in the dye for very long… probably should have left them in longer.). for the ribbing, I bought white from Joann’s and dyed it yellow. I was super excited about dying the ribbing…I’m always looking for pretty colors of ribbing and they’re hard to come by!!!! So dying white ribbing is an awesome concept to me!!!

DALTHAGE-LT - P1020398

DALTHAGE-LT - P1020399DALTHAGE-LT - P1020405DALTHAGE-LT - P1020406DALTHAGE-LT - P1020423DALTHAGE-LT - P1020422DALTHAGE-LT - P1020410DALTHAGE-LT - P1020391


3 thoughts on “Batiked Skater Dress

  1. I love how you did the dyeing. It turned out great. I’ve been too afraid to try the Elmer’s trick before but now I may attempt it. I love a good skater dress 🙂

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