Everyday Maxi Skirt

Recently I have been trying to decide what my summer wardrobe needs most and I think I decided I’m in need of some everyday skirts! So naturally, I turned to the Everyday Skirt Pattern by Liesl and Co.. I made one (unblogged) and loved it (more than I expected actually!). I had some fabric laying around that I always thought would be perfect for a maxi skirt, so I figured I’d give the Everyday Skirt pattern a try in a maxi (I just lengthened it a bit at the bottom, so it would be wider than the shorter version at the bottom…gotta have things comfy ;-)).


We’re at the beach this week, so I’m sporting my old lady beach hat! Ha ha! This skirt is a very comfy, breezy thing to throw on in warm weather, I must say! I have worn it comfortably several times this week…plus, this fabric doesn’t wrinkle too bad in the wash, so that’s a bonus! You can’t see it here, but this skirt pattern has big comfy pockets too…nice for storing all the stuff a mom of 3 needs to carry around 🙂




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