Willow & Co. Tester Tour – Hawthorn Zip-Up Sweatshirt

Today is a very exciting day, because I finally get to share my photos of a few patterns I tested for Willow & Company’s Wanderlust Collection. This beautiful collection of patterns will go on sale on Tuesday, April 22! I was fortunate enough to be chosen to test 3 of these patterns and I can’t wait to buy the rest next week! I tested the Hawthorn Zip-Up Sweatshirt, the Kudzu Cargo Pants, and the Ash Jumpsuit patterns! I’m separating these into 3 separate posts, so take a look at my other 2 posts too!

Ok, first I tested the Hawthorn Zip-up Sweatshirt in size 18-24 months for Lucy. I made the half-zip version with no inseam pockets, but the pattern also includes an option for a full-zip version and inseam pockets can be added to either version! This is such a great staple pattern! I can’t say enough good things about Laura’s pattern-making skills! The directions are phenomenal…no details were left out with her! I was a little scared of the zipper on this, but her instructions were so clear and detailed that the finished product turned out so professional looking!






I used teal french terry for this with a metal jeans zipper and I appliquéd 3 butterflies by hand using a blanket embroidery stitch. The butterfly pattern came from WeeFolkArt.com. They have lots of cute free appliqué patterns!


This sweatshirt is such a winner! Lucy has worn this so many times since I made it! I’ll definitely be making some of these for the boys!

7 thoughts on “Willow & Co. Tester Tour – Hawthorn Zip-Up Sweatshirt

  1. WOW…..as if this pattern does not have enough details….you added a few extra amazing ones. Those butterflies are too sweet. I love the fabrics you have used too!

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