Lulus for Lulu

When Jessica at Craftiness is Not Optional put out a call for testers for her beautiful Lulu Dress/Top Pattern, I got so excited and immediately signed up! When I got picked I jumped for joy, because she is the maker of one of my absolute all-time patterns…The Nessie. Seriously, The Nessie is such a great pattern! It looks like a simple T-shirt, but the fit is just SO perfect with it’s slight flare-out and slight hi-lo hem…it is perfection! Ok, i diverge. I just knew I was going to love the Lulu as well, and Lulu completely blew me away! It’s amazing! There are so many combinations you can make with it, cause the skirt piece can be woven or knit…and it’s comfy and easy to make cause the top is knit! Plus, Jessica always puts the cutest little details into her patterns as options. This dress has the option for a cute little pocket, bow, faux placket, and/or cut-out pockets that aren’t just in-seam (not sure what to call those!). Anyways, here’s my daughter, Lulu, wearing her Lulu dresses I made her (2 of them already!)…this pattern also comes with a top version if you want a cute little top instead of a dress! Oh, I love this one!







Oh my, it’s just so rough being a super-model ;-). The first one I made using whit knit for the top and Nani-Iro double gauze for the top (oh my, so nice…was my first experience with it!). The second I used white/black polka-dot cotton jersey. You will be seeing many more Lulu’s here :-). This pattern is just awesome! So, go HERE and buy it!!! You won’t be sorry…I promise! Get the Nessie too if you don’t already have it!


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