Mimi Blog Tour – The Perfect Little Shirt!

I am so proud to have been asked to participate in the Mimi Dress/Shirt Pattern Tour.


The Mimi Dress/Shirt is a wonderfully unique and super chic pattern by Filles a Maman. It is available for purchase HERE.

The pattern can be made as a dress or a shirt – both have a sweet little shirt-tail hem, and has the option to make plain or add an asymmetrical collar or fringe at the neckline! I was a tester for this pattern and for my test, I made the dress option with the collar


For the tour, I was really eager to make the shirt! I had so many ideas for a cute little Mimi shirt for my Lucy, but recently I have been mildly obsessed with making simple little skirts out of printed fabric for her, and she was in desperate need of a shirt that would match everything! So, I decided to make the Mimi shirt in white! I loved the collar so much on my first one, I just had to add the collar again to this one!



Since I really wanted this shirt to go with all Lucy’s little skirts, I wanted it to be kInd of form fitting, so I decided to downsize and make the size 12 months instead of the size 24 months like I should have. Plus, the fabric I had was super stretchy in all directions! The one thing I did differently from the pattern was making it sleeveless. To do this, I did cut the shoulders in a bit, still leaving enough room for the collar. I also had to cut some off of the neck facing because it was hanging off he edge.





I just love love love that beautiful asymmetrical collar! Have I mentioned that?!

I also made her skirt and her bonnet. For the skirt, I just cut a 2x her waist width rectangle, folded over to make a casing with elastic threaded through…took all of about a half hour! I love these! For the bonnet I used the Made By Rae Peekaboo Bonnet Pattern and I actually used knit fabric for this one (yeah, yeah, my bonnet making is getting a bit out of control!). Knit is my favorite and I’ve always wanted to try this bonnet in knit! It worked great, except that it seems like it might be a bit hot for the current 95 degree temperatures! It’ll be great for fall, though!


The bonnet is of course reversible…


I’m so in love with this whole outfit! This little Mimi shirt is so practical and cute at the same time and will match ALL of her skirts! Here are some more pics…probably more than you need to see 😉







Ok, so if you’ve made it to the end of all these pics, Filles a Maman is having a giveaway of FIVE patterns! Awesome!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

So go enter the giveaway and go buy the Mimi Pattern HERE! Also, go to The Filles a Maman Blog to check out the other awesome Mimi’s on tour!


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