Nessie Baja Louisa Hoodie


I actually made 99% of this sweatshirt a couple months ago! but for some reason was too lazy to sew those two little buttons on…ugh. For this sweatshirt, I used 3 of my favorite patterns! I started with the Louisa Pattern by Compagnie M, but I had to cut both the front and back in two pieces because I was just using scraps of fabric. The Louisa Pattern is an A-lined shift dress pattern with this really unique pocket! I loved the idea of using this pocket and general A-line shape for a sweatshirt. I up sized it, but Lulu has grown a bit since I started it :-(. I used the hem line (slight high-low) of The Nessie Top Pattern by CINO. If you have a little girl that you sew for, you need the Nessie! It is a beautiful pattern! I always have it sitting out and use it’s beautiful subtle high low hem for a lot of things! Last but not least, I used the hood and the general construction technique behind finishing the neckline and center seam of the Baja Hoodie Pattern by Blank Slate Patterns. I love this pattern! It makes such a cute towel hoodie, but I particularly like the unique hood it has! So there you are…my Nessie Baja Louisa Hoodie! Here are more pics…Lucy wasn’t having this photoshoot…it was a bit hot for a hoodie and I was trying to get the photos taken before breakfast! Not a good idea! Poor sad girl! I promise I’ll be extra nice for the rest of the day šŸ˜‰







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