Pattern Anthology Make Believe Collection – Explorer Hoodie

I was beyond excited to be chosen to test the newest collection by Pattern Anthology called The Make Believe Collection. This is a collection of 4 unisex top patterns – a t-shirt, a button-down shirt, a hoodie, and a bomber jacket. They also have the option to buy it with 4 pants patterns, which is a steal of a deal! These patterns are heavily discounted if you buy the collection, but it’s only available as a collection for the rest of the week! After that the patterns will have to be purchased individually at full price! Since I tested all 4 patterns, I will split this into 4 posts so I can post tons of pictures of each one and not overwhelm you!

The Explorer Hoodie was designed by Kate from See Kate Sew and I’m so in love with this sweatshirt! It features a half-zip (which I love!), which can either be straight down (like mine) or angled for a different look! Also, the hood can either be finished with just a band (like mine) or you can add a ruffle for a girly touch!

This was the only one of the 4 patterns that I got to test in size 8 for my big boy, Sam! He is my easiest kid to photograph because he understands and follows directions! Ha, Henry is easier than Lucy because at least he understands the directions, but he’s SO stubborn and doesn’t always want to do what I want him to 😉


I just love this…have I mentioned that?! The pattern included the option for the little button tab, which I think is so cute and brings a pop of bright color to my black/white stripes! Here’s a bunch more pics…







Go check out Pattern Anthology to learn more about the collection and view the Gallery for more pictures!


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