Zephyr Romper

Last week were at the beach with family, so I’m going to show off a few things I made for my nieces! First is the Zephyr Romper by Figgy’s Patterns. This is one of the few romper patterns I have seen that goes up to anywhere near the size of my 8 and 11 year old nieces…but, it only goes up to size 8/9, which is sad because they are already getting beyond that size 😦 and this is such a cute romper for an older girl in my opinion!


How cute is she?! She’s 11, but she’s on the small side for her age, so the 8/9 fit her nicely with no adjustments, except I did lengthen the shorts by about an inch and a half…they seemed REALLY short! I’m glad I did that, because they are none too long now! I think if I made another one, I would shorten the straps a bit too.





I love these braided straps…super unique! I might have no put braided straps on everything from now on!



My 8 year old niece is the one in this picture in the yellow dress which I also made and will blog about tomorrow! See you then!


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