Pretty Pleated Pastel Polka-Dot Pink Piped Pocket Peekaboo Puppy Persimmon!

It’s Kid’ Clothes Week this week, and I decided to make it all about finishing up unfinished projects…both sewing and blogging (which I know isn’t technically what the week is all about, but I have SO MANY projects that I have finished and photographed, but never blogged about!!)

kid's clothes week

I started this particular dress a few months ago and just finished it last night! It feels so good to have finally finished it!!


This dress started back shortly after the Willow & Co. Patterns were released and within an hour or so of release, I purchased The Persimmon Dress Pattern along with a couple others. I had the opportunity to test three of the patterns, so I knew it was worth buying the rest!!! I had this pastel blue polka dot fabric and the yellow polka dot fabric that I had just bought on remnant that I knew I wanted to use. As I was sewing the 12 pleats (which took me a surprisingly long time), I had the thought that I was making a “Pastel Polka-Dot Pleated Persimmon” and I took it as a challenge to see how many P words I could fit into 1 dress! Ha! So He next thing I thought of was “Pink Pockets!”. Brilliant! Then I thought of “Piped Pockets”…Woohoo! Then I went to bed and the next day my mom came to town, so I was distracted for a week. While my mom was here, I showed her the dress and she said she wasn’t really digging the pink pockets and thought I should leave it at just the blue and yellow. So, I came to a bit of a crossroad! The dress didn’t feel right without the “Piped Pink Pockets”, but did they look funny?! Hmmm. I contemplated this for a LONG TIME and finally I gave up and moved on! Last night I decided I needed to finish this dress! I decided to go all in with the P theme and even added a “Peekaboo Puppy” Appliqué inside he pocket flap…it’s perfect because Lucy is actually really into Puppy’s (puppoo as she says)!!!


I LOVE this dress! I love the pockets, I love the ruffle, I love the overall design of the pattern! And a million more pictures…sigh, I couldn’t choose just a few pictures…









Show me your Puppoo, Lucy!!


And a few more…Yeah yeah, it’s overkill!





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