Pattern Anthology Make Believe Collection – Bookworm Button-Up

I was beyond excited to be chosen to test the newest collection by Pattern Anthology called The Make Believe Collection. This is a collection of 4 unisex top patterns – a t-shirt, a button-down shirt, a hoodie, and a bomber jacket. They also have the option to buy it with 4 pants patterns, which is a steal of a deal! These patterns are heavily discounted if you buy the collection, but it’s only available as a collection for the rest of the week! After that the patterns will have to be purchased individually at full price! Since I tested all 4 patterns, I will split this into 4 posts so I can post tons of pictures of each one and not overwhelm you!

The Bookworm Button-up Shirt was designed by Melissa of Blank Slate Patterns. This is a classic button-up shirt with some really unique little touches…there area so many options included with this pattern, it’s hard to fit them into a short description. Melissa has a diagram and a better description of all the options than I could give you Here. I tested the size 18 months for Lucy and I made View C, which is a girly version with a deeper back pleat than the boy version, a high-low hem, bow pockets, and bow sleeves! I went the classic/boring route for this and used just plain white Swiss Dot Cotton…and I am in love with how it turned out!! I also recently made the little skirt she’s wearing…it’s just a 2x her waist elastic waistband knit skirt…my favorite kind, cause they are so super duper easy!

Do you want to see pictures?!












There were some amazing girl and boy versions made during testing! Go check out Pattern Anthology to learn more about the collection and view the Gallery for even more pictures!


2 thoughts on “Pattern Anthology Make Believe Collection – Bookworm Button-Up

    1. Thank you Teresa! This is the first time I’ve ever successfully completed a button-up. Awhile ago, I started a gingham Archer like yours, but I was confused by the instructions for the arm placket and I messed it up royally, then I noticed my gingham wasn’t straight and that bugged me so I gave it up! I have since read about the arm placket and I think I get it now, so I might try again in a solid color!!

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