Serendipity Shorts

Summer is in full swing and that means we are wearing shorts shorts shorts! Shorts on The Line is one of my favorite sewing series because there is always so much inspiration and everyone needs shorts! Last year, I made Sam and myself matching towel shorts for my entry (blogged here). This year, by the time The series was announced, I was feeling done with most of my summer sewing and ready to move onto fall sewing. That lead me to think of these shorts that I was in love with last year from Mini Boden


Last year these were called “Baby Cord Bloomers” and they have replaced them this year with These, which are also super duper cute! I wanted to use the Sewlosophy Serendipity Trousers and Capris Pattern, which I bought awhile ago! Sewlosophy has a whole line of really cute patterns that were released several months ago! I was in love at first sight ;-). I was planning to make these out of corduroy just like the Mini Boden version, but I didn’t have the perfect fabric in my stash and I wanted to make a “test” pair first, so I used some white wih black polka-dot stretch twill that I bought recently at JoAnn’s. Here’s my version…


These were so super duper easy to make! I made the size 2 and the only modifications I made to the pattern were 1) I shortened them to a 1 1/2 inch inseam and gathered the bottom into a 1/2″ cuff, and 2) I pleated instead of gathered the shorts into the yoke. I made the pleats at each end of the gathering marks and I made a mistake by taking the pleats toward the middle…In my head I remembered the Mini Boden version having the pleats point in toward the crotch seam, but after I finished, I noticed my memory was wrong :-(. Oops!




I am definitely still planning to make another pair in corduroy for fall/winter to wear over tights (except next ones will have the pleats going the right direction ;-))! I love the way these turned out! On these, I was extra diligent and did all enclosed seams, so the inside looks pretty too! I’m thinking I might line the next pair, though. Here’s an inside out pic…


I also added a homemade tag, since my boys have been begging me to put tags on things…


And here’s a hundred more pictures since I’m sure you were dying to see more 😉










6 thoughts on “Serendipity Shorts

  1. Ermagaaaaah, as a friend of mine would say, these are so cute!! Now I want to copy these as well!! What an adorable style, with the yoke, pleats, and bloomers! AHHHH. And now I’m off to look at Sewlosophy, thanks! (Or really, I should reserve for my thanks for when I’ve spent a ton of money there and blame YOU.)

    1. Ha! Thanks Inder! I’m sorry ;-). This pattern really is awesome and worth the money, though. You can tell this designer put a ton into this pattern!

  2. Ohh great job!! I bought those exact same shorts for my oldest daughter, and I love them. She was has been on a pants/shorts strike and they didn’t get much use, but it’s good to know that I can make some for my youngest who’s not so picky yet! 😉 Loved it!

    1. Thank you Ines! I wish I had bought those shorts! I actually intended to buy them, it I never got around to it and regretted it! And this years are a little different…I can’t wait to make this pattern in corduroy…thankfully my daughter is too young to have an opinion on what she wears ;-). My boys are as picky as they come, though, so I’m guessing I only have another year or so before the pickiness begins ;-). Ugh.

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