Cupcake Dress

Ok ok, I was totally done with summer sewing when I happened to see the FREE Cupcake Dress Pattern pattern from the fabulous Lauren at Baste and Gather. Ahhh! She ruined my plans! ;-). I promise this will be the last because my kids don’t need ANYMORE clothes!!! I also happened to have a women’s white sundress from the thrift store sitting in my pile of fabric waiting for the perfect pattern…so really it had to be made ;-). Seriously, people, this pattern is FREE and it comes in sizes 12 months to 8!! There are lots of patterns out there that are similar in style that cost more than $5 and this is FREE! And the pattern was made by superstar designer Lauren Dahl, who also designed the popular Soleil Dress and The Foxglove Tank Pattern!!


I made the size 18 months and I did make one small change to the pattern and replaced the halter straps with straps that I sewed into the back bodice. This required me to cut the back bodice in 2 pieces rather than 1 folded over piece. I used another dress of Lucy’s as a guide to determine how long to make the straps.




I used the existing hem of the skirt, so I didn’t have to do any hemming. This dress took me about an hour to make from hitting print! Insanely fast! So, I could make 5 more tonight after the kids go to bed! Ha…no more Shelly, no more! I have to keep telling myself so I don’t forget! No more no more! Ahhhh, it’s so hard ;-). More pics…






My boys can eat a sucker and not get sticky, but this girl eats a sucker and gets covered in sucker drool! Yuck!





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