Okey Dokey Overalls

I recently tested the Okey Dokey Overalls Pattern by Peekaboo Pattern Shop in size 12 for my almost 12 year old niece! This pattern is simply awesome! Awhile ago I asked my sister what I could make for her girls and she said to make them some cute overalls. I searched and searched for an overalls pattern that went up to size 10 or 12 and i was shocked that it didn’t exist!! So I was ecstatic when I saw that Peekaboo was making the pattern and the testing window coincidentally coincided with the week my nieces were coming to visit!! Woohoo! I can’t take credit for the beautiful fabric combo…it was chosen by my niece and I love how it turned out!





I know, I know…not sure how all these beautiful children are related to me ;-). These overalls have all the details of store bought and they fit my niece perfectly!! Here are some detail pics…





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