Finished Aviator Shorts

When I was doing my Tutorial for Zippered Welt Pockets for the Aviator Pants and Shorts, I never finished the shorts I used to demonstrate the tutorial…until now! I just finished them…yeah, I’ve been a bit of a sewing slacker lately and I ran into a bit of an issue with the shorts not lining up on the size 4 for Henry…might have been something on my end, but the side seam of the back was longer than the front and then on the rise seam the front was longer than the back. The difference was maybe 1/2-3/4″ for each, but since I was trying to match stripes, it was going to look all off to just stretch a little to fit…which is what I would have probably done if I were using solids. I checked the pattern pieces and they were off and I even reprinted it and checked the box again and it was still off on the size 4. Anyways, totally could have been something I was doing wrong on my end since no one else seemed to have any problems! So, I ended up having to make some adjustments to the pattern, including cutting down the back at the top, which made my zippers that I had already put in REALLY close to the top. But, here they are and the fit is perfect, just like the ones I made for Sam!













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