Kudzu Shorts Started a Long Time Ago!


Ha, as the title suggests, this is a project I started long ago…in May ;-).

This is the Kudzu Cargo Pattern and its an absolutely fabulous and perfect pattern, but they seem to run on the fitting/slim side for my kids at least…that’s actually an awesome thing if you’re intending to make some skinny-ish jeans with the recommended stretch denim or twill. However, my kids are big baggy knit shorts and sweatpants kinda guys, so I used French Terry for these and they turned out a bit slim for my taste. Henry still loves them and was very eager to model and direct his own photo-shoot and he’s still wearing them, but they are slimmer than normal sweat shorts. I finished these very hastily, since there really isn’t much summer left to wear them, so they aren’t perfect. I left off the cargo pocket and made a ribbed waistband all the way around instead of having the little flat-front piece the pattern calls for. I also opted not to hem…Lazy, lazy lazy! Here are more pics of the shorts and my little ham of a boy…











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