Vintie Overalls


When Lucy was a newborn, she had these corduroy overalls from Mini Boden and I just love love loved them

images (2)

I wanted to try and re-create them for Lucy now that she is a little older.  I am a huge fan of overalls, and always have been, but my boys absolutely refused to wear overalls past age 2!  So I’m feeling pressured to get a little more overall wearing in by miss Lucy!

This is the Fresh Patterns Vintie Overalls Pattern and I made it as-is in a size 2 in a funky corduroy from Joann’s. The pattern has the option for a snap placket for easier changing, but Lucy will not sit still long enough for me to snap a snap placket! I’m better off just taking the whole thing off with her! These have some room to grow, so hopefully she won’t rebel against overalls for another year!  These were so super duper easy to make… finished them in a nap-time, and that’s rare for me!


The one thing I really don’t like about these, which was mostly my fault, is the fact that the back straps don’t sit all the way at the ends of the back yoke piece. There’s this corner sticking out, and I think it looks funny. The pattern had you place the straps 5/8″ in, but then use a 1/2″ seam allowance for the side of the yoke, so theoretically, the straps should be 1/8″ from the edge… mine look a bit more than that. Next time I’m going to make sure the straps are right at the edge.  Here are a bunch more pictures… poor girl fell off a chair the other day and scraped her face… while her daddy was taking care of her, I might add!!



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