Kid’s Clothes Week

kid's clothes week

It’s Kid’s Clothes Week this week, and I have definitely been sewing for an hour a day, but I don’t have too much to show for it, and I haven’t been doing too much upcycling lately, but I have been trying to use up some smaller scraps I’ve been saving… kinda similar to upcycling because I have a bin full of small scraps that I honestly should have thrown in the trash but have saved because I’m a bit of a pack-rat when it comes to fabric scraps!

Anyways, I have been wanting to try the Little Pixie Hood Pattern from the Winter 2014 issue of Ottobre Design Magazine. So, I decided to test it out using some of my scraps.


I really love this little hat and am eager to make more, despite the fact that I did a pretty sloppy job on this one (I was really trying to get it done quickly) and I even ignored the instruction of putting some clear elastic around the front (between the outer and the lining). Next time I definitely won’t ignore that!!!

The fabric is originally from Girl Charlie, but I used a scrap that got cut off when I was making something else (I have made several things with this fabric). The lining fabric is also a scrap, but it is a scrap of an old really soft t-shirt… so I did do a bit of upcycling here!

Lucy is also wearing some fabulous leggings I made a couple weeks ago from the very soon to be released Dressage Leggings Pattern by Jennuine Design
Dressage Leggings Pattern by Jennuine Design. This was an early version of the pattern (adjustments have since been made), but I still love this first pair I made, so I wanted to show them off too! I will blog again about this pattern and the other 2 patterns being released as a collection, by Jennuine Design… it’s a fabulous little collection of patterns!



The leggings were also made using scraps from my scrap bin… and the stripes originally came from a dress I found on deep clearance at Old Navy, which I have also used for several projects already!

Here are more pics…






BurdaStyle 10/2011 144 Boys Cargo Trousers Pattern


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