Another Haven Acres Blouse, Serendipity Trousers, and a Messy House!


I usually avoid taking pictures inside my house, since there are always toys scattered all over (no matter how much I clean, I can’t seem to keep up with these three rascals!), but it snowed today and was freezing outside… way way too cold to go out… and Lucy refused to stand in front of a wall and pose, so I had no choice but to just take the pictures… mess in the background and all!

Anyways, I mentioned earlier this week that I was finishing up yet another Haven Acres Blouse by Jennuine Design…I am seriously obsessed with this pattern… it really fits beautifully in wovens as well as knits and it’s pretty simple and classic, but a little different from any other patterns I have, which makes it super versatile for me! This time I chose to make it without the elastic casing at the waist, using an upcycled dress from the thrift store as fabric. To eliminate the elastic, I just placed the skirt pattern piece at the bottom of the bodice piece, overlapping by the seam allowance, then cut that out of the fabric. I wanted to use the print at the very bottom of the dress, so I had to use the straight edge of the bottom of the dress instead of a curved edge like the skirt pattern piece had.


I also made Lucy a pair of Serendipity Trousers by Sewlosophy in a size 2 using some corduroy from Joann’s. They ended up a bit long, but I think with shoes they will be just fine. I love this pattern also…I used it this summer to make Lucy a little pair of shorts (see blog post here). I love the curved yoke with the gathering in front and the wide legs. It’s a unique pattern, but still so easy and quick to make!






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