Moccasins 1st Attempt


Lucy really really needs a new pair of shoes. She has suddenly outgrown all her shoes and we seem to have several new pairs that I bought in advance that are way too big still (not sure what I was thinking there). Anyways, I plan to buy her some new shoes, but I thought it would be fun to try and make her some little moccasins in a fun color to run around in sometimes! The title of this post is a bit of a lie, cause I did try making her some moccasins last year, but she didn’t wear them a lot because they ended up being way too tight around her ankles and I wasn’t 100% pleased with the look of them or the vinyl I used either. So this is my first attempt for this year! I used vinyl again, but a thicker, more leather-like vinyl as opposed to the thinner, more table-cloth-like vinyl that I used last year. I did use real leather for the sole. I really want to make these again out of real leather, but I want to order some that’s a pretty color and see if she is comfortable in these before I waste a whole bunch of a pretty color of real leather!!!


I used the Lil’ Papoose Moccasins Pattern by Peekaboo Pattern Shop for these, but I shortened the back fringe piece to the length of the back heel piece and I added a little middle fringe piece to look more like the Freshly Picked Moccasins. I made the size 18-24 months size, which is the size she wears in Robeez and what she measured for.





The dress she’s wearing is the Bohemian Baby-Doll Dress Pattern by Elegance and Elephants, by the way, made in a size 2, and it is one of my absolute favorites!! I admit I didn’t iron it this morning when I pulled it out of a dryer full of balled-up clothes that were dried 2 days ago! I wasn’t planning to photograph it, so please excuse the wrinkles!!


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