My “Flip” Flop

I recently bought some thin polka-dot denim from Hobby Lobby that I really love and I’ve been eager to use it for something. When I saw that this month’s Flip This Pattern was The Franklin Dress by Brooklyn Pattern Co., I knew it was the perfect thing to use my denim for! Unfortunately, I didn’t take the time to thoroughly think through my flip idea…I just started cutting and sewing, and what I ended up with was looking extremely messily constructed! It was cute, but it was just getting constructed all wrong, and there were enough flaws in it that I knew I’d be too bothered by those flaws and never put it on her. Problem was, I didn’t have any excess fabric, so I had to just take apart what I had and try to come up with something wearable. I was able to squeak out a little flutter sleeve shirt, which I really like and will get worn, but it definitely wasn’t the flip I had intended!


Since my flip was completely made up as I went along to try and salvage this lovely fabric, not all the details of my flip were completely ideal to me (in some cases, I wish I could have used the pattern pieces as they were intended! Anyways, here are the details of what I changed. I started with a size 2

(1) I shortened to a shirt instead of a dress
(2) I enclosed a flutter sleeve in the bodice, then finished the rest of the armholes with bias binding.
(3) I cut in the shoulder a bit.
(4) I had to sacrifice the A-line of the skirt piece and just cut it straight down from where the armscye begins. The gathers are the same, just doesn’t have that extra A-line. I actually would have preferred to keep the A-line (and even add more gathers), but I didn’t have enough once I cut my original mess apart.

That’s it… pretty simple flip, I suppose, but I think she will get a lot of wear out of this! I’m really excited to make one for winter using the pattern as-is. I really love the curved bodice with the pin-tucks and the 3 sweet little buttons down the front! This pattern is totally on my to-do list for winter!







I also recently made the hat she is wearing, using the Oliver and S Reversible Bucket Hat Pattern. I knew Lucy would be needing a new sun-hat this summer, and this is such a great pattern! I used the turquoise/white checked fabric for one side and yellow with white polka-dots for the other, in hopes that one of the sides will match most of what she has!! I can’t say enough good things about this little hat pattern… and it’s FREE! I made the size Large (6-8), and it’s big, but it still serves it’s purpose and she seems comfortable in it. I also tried it on both of my boys, and it fit both of them too, so it should fit Lucy for several years!!! I’m considering making one for Henry too, just haven’t found the perfect fabric yet 😉



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