Engineer Stripe Bermuda’s


I have mentioned this before, but my Mom got me a subscription to Ottobre Design magazine for Christmas and I seriously love love love their patterns!!! This subscription has saved me so much money, cause I haven’t bought many PDF patterns since I started getting the Ottobre magazines! A few weeks ago, I was looking through the magazines I have and Henry picked out the Circle Bermuda shorts (pattern #23 from the Summer 3/2015 issue) for himself!!


He wants them just like the picture (his favorite color is green). Because the boys are in constant competition, Sam said “I want some too, and I want mine to be blue!”. Unfortunately for Henry, I don’t have any lime-green bottom-weight fabric sitting around and I haven’t gotten a chance to go searching for it (I went to JoAnn’s and didn’t find it). Lucky for Sam, though, I have a bunch of Engineer striped denim that I got from the red tag section of JoAnn’s a while ago. After getting Sam’s approval on fabric, I got to work!


I was surprised the boys liked this pattern, cause it’s not their normal sweat-shorts style, but I really love the style of these and all the details… like the pockets and the little pocket flaps.


The pattern had a little section in front that was flat-front with a real fly and the rest was an elastic waistband. I modified it to just be all elastic… my boys prefer that and it’s easier!! There was another pattern in the same magazine for an elastic waist pair of shorts, so just out of curiosity I read their instructions for putting on an elastic waistband, and they were different than I had ever done before. So, I tried it their way, and I loved their method! I was super excited about it, cause I hate threading elastic through a casing and their method had you sewing the waistband on with the elastic inside it. I’ve done that before, but I thought their method of doing it made it easier.

I also changed the pockets in back to just regular pockets… the pattern had the more involved pleated pockets/pocket flaps in back, but Sam hates having buttons/snaps/zippers on his behind!! picky picky ;-).


Anyways, Sam really really loves these shorts… I finished them about a week and a half ago and I think he has worn them 5 times already!!




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